Penguins: Pool Party

Penguins: Pool Party


Fit the ice around the penguins!

The Smart Penguins challenge you in this exciting new 3D game...and now it’s time for a swim!

Discover Penguins: Pool Party, featuring 60 challenges.

To play just place the penguins in the water on the game board as shown in each challenge and then fit the ice blocks around them.

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Category: Compact Games

Age: 6+

# of Challenges: 60

# of Players: 1

Inside the Box: Game board with lid to easily store everything, 4 3D ‘ice blocks’ puzzle pieces, 4 penguins, Booklet with 60 challenges and solutions

What the Experts Say: Playing Penguins Pool Party stimulates the following cognitive skills:

  • Concentration

  • Planning

  • Problem Solving

  • Spatial Insight

  • Visual Perception