Dinosaurs: Mystic Islands

Dinosaurs: Mystic Islands


Use your brain to create a Jurassic habitat!

Dinosaurs: Mystic Islands is an exciting shape-matching game that challenges you to separate the plant-eating dinosaurs from the carnivores.

Complete each of the 80 challenges by placing the islands as shown…but make sure the three friendly dinosaurs are separated from their T-Rex counterparts! 

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Category: Classic Games

Age: 6+

# of Challenges: 80

# of Players: 1

Inside the Box: Colourful game board, 6 puzzle pieces with red and green dinosaurs in 3D, 1 booklet with 80 challenges and solutions

What the Experts Say: Playing Dinosaurs: Mystic Islands stimulates the following cognitive skills:

  • Concentration

  • Planning

  • Problem Solving

  • Spatial Insight

  • Visual Perception