Ant Colony

Ant Colony


Ant Colony is loads of co-operative fun – either everyone wins or all are defeated. The queen wants a new colony and she has asked you, her loyal worker ants, to build one for her. To successfully build a continuous new colony you have to work together to build a colony that includes at least 2 unblocked entrances and 4 rooms. Beware of hidden rocks, angry beetles and troublesome anteaters trying to block your tunnel entrances. 

Skills developed while playing this game:
Co-operative skills / teamwork 
Strategic Thinking

Suitable for Ages 5+
No of players: 2 - 6

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This game box contains:
1 Game Board 
1 Jumbo Dice
3 Anteater Tiles
6 Underground Obstacle Tiles (rocks, beetles)
1 Anteater Spray Tile
4 Room Tiles
26 Tunnel Tiles