Elfinitas seeks to inspire families and future generations through curated collections for home and living. Guided by our spirit of excellence across various spheres including commerce, medicine, education, & psychology; we carefully source, select, & stock products at the forefront of design, innovation, and gastronomy. Our offerings are only available in limited batches, as we actively crowd-source, collaborate with pioneers & leaders at the cutting-edge of their fields, & bring to you only the best. We’re also striving to constantly refresh what we have on hand to reflect contemporary preferences and constantly engage our patrons!

Based in sunny Singapore, we’ve put together collections spanning various cultures and geographies that’re guaranteed to cater to myriad needs and wants; be it the latest toys from Scandinavia designed to stimulate cognitive thought in your tots, organic eats for kids, the finest truffle products from Down Under, innovative home and living devices, or simply our local Singaporean heritage offerings - Elfinitas’ curated collections are definitely worth your visual indulgence and retail therapy.

Do browse our collections and see what catches your eye!